It wouldn’t be bragging if I call myself, ”The Queen of Event Photography”. It wouldn’t be far from the truth. I cut my teeth on PR and Event photography. While living in NYC, I was the PR photographer for the premiere Salsa music promoter in the world. Every time I covered an event for Ralph Mercado, I focused my camera on some of the best and most prominent salsa musicians. And many times stars like Rita Moreno, Paul Simon, or Bill Cosby were in the groups I photographed. Part of my job was to cover all the concerts put on by this famous promoter at Madison Square Garden, the Meadowlands, and all the best nightclubs where the performers played. So I got to listen to the best music and musicians play the music I love. To capture the ambience with my camera. I covered the recording sessions and concerts. Among the musicians in tow was a young Marc Anthony cutting his teeth on salsa music. 

One day I covered the Casita Maria Charity Gala for Vista Magazine at New York’s Plaza Hotel, which was owned by Donald Trump at the time. That day, my lens captured salsa greats Tito Puente and Celia Cruz posing with Audrey Hepburn; I rode the elevator with Bianca Jagger and was totally surprised when my editor called out to me, “Mary, look who’s here?” She was waiting for me to click a photo of her with The Donald. I also did work for Sony Discos, and visited the mayor’s home, Gracie Mansion, several times during the Koch and Dinkins administrations shooting for Goya Foods. The Venezuelan Embassy to the United Nations hired me often to cover their events and I got to photograph the Venezuelan Ambassador with the Venezuelan President at the UN. I also did event photos for Coors Beer for several years.

So that’s why I always say I cut my teeth on PR and Event photography. Since I am a people person, I fit in well and get people to look at my camera while enjoying themselves. Maybe soon I’ll scan some of those shots so you can enjoy them.