Hello, Ciao, What’s Up Everyone!

Let's make this year shine like the brightest star in the universe!

As I write this, I'm thinking about new ways to enhance people's profiles for this coming year on social media and in your business. I am constantly adding to my skill set and finding ways to benefit my clients.

Now that everyone is walking around with a high resolution camera in their pocket, and millions of photos are being uploaded to Facebook daily, it's time for a reality check. We have come to appreciate photos of questionable quality because a photo shows people we connect with at a distance. Yet many of those photos are pretty poor.

As a professional photographer, I struggle with that reality. Before posting a photo, I ask myself, "How can I create content that packs value for my viewers?" I wonder, "did my photos entertain, wow, or move someone to action?" I value my audience's time. I want to engage them when I post an image or a thought. And when I am hired to create an image for one of my clients, I multiply my efforts to please and engage.

So my goal this year is:

1. Be even more passionate about my photography.

2. Make a promise to my clients: Quality comes first and I promise you will love your photos.

3. I listen to my clients. I want your photos to project excellence in every way.

4. I collaborate with my clients to bring ideas to the table.

5. I want to help my clients transition from selfies to professional headshots and branding photos, to enhance your online presence.

So I want to help you create beautiful content for your website, your Facebook profile and your business. The time is now to put your best face forward. It's time to update your profile pics and business images. Let's talk...

Mary Kent
Photographer, Author, Graphic Artist.

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